Laws & Regulations

Laws and Regulations

The rule of law is the principle that no one is above the law. Based on the rule of law, any legal action by the Uchucklesaht branch of Government must originate in a written law enacted by the Legislative branch- only then can a government be said to be adhering to the rule of law.

The Legislature is the branch of Government that exercises the power to enact Laws and legislature may delegate some of its legislative powers to the executive including the power to enact Regulations which have the force of law.

UTS # Name of Act
UTS 1/2011Effective Date Procedures Act
UTS 2/2011Government Act
UTS 3/2011Council Rules of Order and Precedures Act
UTS 4/2011Integrity Act
UTS 5/2011Government Personnel Act
UTS 6/2011Financial Administration Act
UTS 7/2011Administrative Decisions Review Act
UTS 8/2011Elections Act
UTS 9/2011Referendum Act
UTS 10/2011Citizenship Act
UTS 11/2011Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
UTS 12/2011Land Act
UTS 13/2011Planning and Land Use Management Act
UTS 14/2011Resources Harvesting Act
UTS 15/2011Environmental Protection Act
UTS 16/2011Enforcement Act
UTS 16/2011Enforcement Act Consolidated 2021
UTS 17/2011Intepretation Act
UTS 18/2011Government Act Amendment Act
UTS 19/2011Real Property Tax Act
UTS 20/2011Annual Budget Act
UTS 21/2011Citizenship Act Amendment Act
UTS 22/2012Mail-In Ballot Amendment Act
UTS 23/2012Annual Budget Act 2012-2013
UTS 24/2013Economic Development Act
UTS 25/2013Land Act Amendment Act
UTS 26/2013Annual Budget Act, 2013-2014
UTS 27/2013Advisory Planning Commission Act
UTS 28/2013Somass Hotel Capital Borrowing Act
UTS 29/2014Building and Development Authorization Act
UTS 30/2014Application of Laws to Foreshore Act
UTS 31/2014Miscellaneous Amendments Act
UTS 32/2014Official Symbols and Honours Act
UTS 33/2014Public Order, Peace & Safety Act
UTS 34/2014Moorage Act
UTS 35/2014Elections Act
UTS 36/2014Annual Budget Act
UTS 37/2014Enforcement Framework Amendment Act No.1
UTS 38/2014Annual Budget Amendment Act 2014-2015
UTS 39/2014Park Act
UTS 40/2014Enforcement Framework Amendment Act No.2
UTS 41/2014Elections Act Amendment Act
UTS 42/2014Grammatical & Typographical Amendments Act
UTS 43/2014The Thunderbird Borrowing Act
UTS 44/2015Annual Budget Act
UTS 45/2015Official Community Plan Act
UTS 46/2015Zoning Act
UTS 47/2016Annual Budget Act
UTS 48/2017Subsurface Resources Act
UTS 49/2017Enforcement Framework Amendment Act No.03
UTS 50/2017Economic Development Amendment Act
UTS 51/2017Annual Budget Act
UTS 52/2018Elections Act Amendment Act
UTS 53/2018Annual Budget Act
UTS 54/2018The Redford School Borrowing Act
UTS 55/2018The Redford School Borrowing Act Amendment Act
UTS 56/2018Annual Budget Act
UTS 57/2019Trespass and Community Safety Act
UTS 58/2019The Redford School Borrowing Act Amendment Act
UTS 59/2020Goods and Services Tax Act
UTS 60 2020Annual Budget Act
UTS 61 2020Emergency Preparedness Act
UTS 62 2020Land Act Fee Simple Title Amendment Act
UTS 63 2020Nucii Building Borrowing Act Amendment Act No 3
UTS 64 2020Capital Borrowing Act
UTS 65 2021 Annual Budget Act
UTS 66 2021 Enforcement Framework Amendment Act No 4
UTS 67 2022 Government Act Amendment Act No 02
UTS 68 2022Annual Budget Act
UTS 69 2022Cultural Heritage Protection Act
UTS 70 2022Government Personnel Act Amendment Act
UTS 71 2023Annual Budget Act
UTS 72 2023Goods and Services Tax Act Repeal Act
UTS 73 2024Annual Budget Act

"There is no Government Action without Legislation"

UTR # Name of Regulation
UTR 1/2011Citizenship and Enrolment Forms Regulation
UTR 2/2011Disclosure Forms Regulation
UTR 3/2011Executive Rules of Order and Procedures Regulation
UTR 4/2011Expenditures Regulation
UTR 5/2011Fisheries Regulation
UTR 6/2011Lands Registry Forms Regulation
UTR 7/2011Wildlife and Migratory Birds Regulation
UTR 8/2012Survey Plan Reproductions Regulation
UTR 9/2012Citizenship and Enrolment Forms Amendment Regulation
UTR 10/2013Fee Regulation
UTR 11/2013High Capacity Fisher Forms Amending Regulation
UTR 12/2013Governance and Fiscal Agreement Regulation
UTR 13/2013Annual Rates Regulation
UTR 14/2013Somass Hotel Loan Guarantee Regulation
UTR 15/2014Building Forms Regulation
UTR 16/2014Moorage Administration Regulation
UTR 17/2014Annual Rates Regulation
UTR 18/2014Compliance Notice & Ticket Regulation
UTR 19/2015The Thunderbird Loan Guarantee Regulation
UTR 20/2015The Thunderbird Loan Guarantee Amendment Regulation
UTR 21/2015Symbols and Honours Regulation
UTR 22/2015Annual Rates Regulation
UTR 23/2015Elhlateese Traffic and Parking Regulation
UTR 24/2015St. Jeans Cannery Loan Guarantee Regulation
UTR 25/2016Miscellaneous Forms and Fees Regulation
UTR 26/2016The Thunderbird Loan Guarantee Amendment Regulation
UTR 27/2016Annual Rates Regulation
UTR 28/2016The Thunderbird Guarantee Amendment Regulation
UTR 29/2016Ticketable Offences Amendment Regulation No.1
UTR 30/2016Annual Tax Rates Regulation
UTR 31/2018Annual Tax Rates Regulation
UTR 32/2019Park Harvesting Documentation Amending Regulation
UTR 33/2019Annual Tax Rates Regulation 2019
UTR 34/2020Annual Tax Rates Regulation 2020
UTR 35/2021Titled Lands Transfer Regulation
UTR 36/2021Annual Tax Rates Regulation 2021
UTR 37/2021Ticket Form Amending Regulation 2021
UTR 38/2022Ticketable Offences Amendment Regulation No 2
UTR 39/2022Annual Rates Regulation
UTR 40/2023Annual Rates Regulation UTR 40 2023

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