Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services

Contact Information:
Director of Human Services
Christina Lucas
e-mail: Christina.Lucas@uchucklesaht.ca

Human Services Clerk
Regina Frank
e-mail: Regina.Frank@uchucklesaht.ca
Phone Number: 250-724-1832

Providing information and services on:
  • Patient Travel - addressing patient travel needs according to Health Canada's Non-Insured Health Benefits Medical Transportation Policy
    (PT note: Patient travel information must be provided to the Human Services department at least one week before an appointment - providing information on Dr's name; phone number; date and time of appointment to ensure that a cheque is ready on the date of your appointment.)

  • Health - Addressing issues identified in the Tribes Wellness plan by ensuring there is relevant information and services for member's; also that workshop's and information is available through nursing staff, gatherings, Health fair's

  • Mental Health & Addictions - addressing counselling needs and helping to identify avenues to seek services. Helping with treatment plans and preparation.

  • Education
    • Elementary and Secondary
    • Post Secondary - following NTC Post Secondary Policy
    • Trades and Vocational Training - help in identifying what is available in the community

  • Employment and Training - providing counselling and help Identifying ways to achieve employment or to access training

  • Social Development - provide on reserve social assistance according to NTC Social Development Policy

  • Community Programs - submission of funding proposals to various funders to address community and membership needs

5251 Argyle St. - Suite A
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 1V1
Phone: 250-724-1832
Fax: 250-724-1806
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