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Uchucklesaht Tribe Treaty Settlement Lands Community Planning:

At present, the Uchucklesaht Tribe Treaty Settlement Lands do not have any land use controls or long range vision for future development.

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What is the Uchucklesaht Tribe Government Official Community Plan?

The UTG OCP is our guiding plan - it will help guide us to a healthy, prosperous and positive future. It incorporates our values and traditional ways and describes the future we want for our children and our grandchildren. The plan also provides current and future leadership, administration and members with a roadmap to the future we all want. It includes specific policies and workplans for a future where we will:
  • Make more efficient use of our limited resources;
  • Better protect and improve out community, culture and traditional ways;
  • Ensure more sustainable land use on our reserves and properties we own;
  • Increase employment for members;
  • Improve our Tribe's overall economic health; and
  • Strengthen our governance capacity.
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Uchucklesaht Notice and Draft Acts:

Official Community Plan (OCP) Advisory Committee

An OCP Advisory Committee will be established to provide direction to the UTG Legislature on the suitability of an Official Community Plan (OCP) for UTG Treaty Settlement Lands. Meetings are open to anyone, are held monthly, and alternate between Kildonan and Port Alberni.

The Committee will assist in identifying issues facing the community and ensure a draft OCP and Zoning Regulation reflects our ideas and values.

What is in an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is the vision a community has for its future. It contains goals and policies that will shape future land use in a way that reflects the community's vision. These goals and policies form a framework used by the Regional Board, Regional District staff, other agencies and the community to guide their decisions about future land use. Should the Uchucklesaht Tribe implement an OCP, it should expect to change and grow in a way that is consistent with the contents of its Plan. Under the UTG Planning and Land Use Management Act, an OCP must include certain information, such as:
  • Residential Development;
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Industrial Land Uses;
  • Land subject to hazardous conditions or environmentally sensitive to development;
  • Major Road, Sewer and Water Systems;
  • Housing Policies related to affordable housing, rental housing, and special needs housing;
  • Public facilities, including schools, parks, and waste treatment and disposal sites; and
  • Greenhouse gas emission policies, targets, and actions.

Beyond this, an OCP may also consider other community priorities, such as heritage protection, food security, water quality, economic development or transportation and mobility.

Currently a draft OCP is being prepared and is available for you to review upon request to the UTG. An OCP is the collective voice of the community and will take into account the best interests of the community, based on the input from all tribe members.

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