Tribe Executive

Uchucklesaht Tribe Executive

The Uchucklesaht Government consists of a Legislative branch and Executive branch.

Council retains the responsibility for managing its own affairs including the responsibility to appoint members of Council to hold executive portfolios.

The Executive has the power to enforce and carry out the Uchucklesaht Laws. Members of the Executive are drawn from Council and the Executive exercises a blend of legislative and executive powers to perform its function.

The Executive enacts laws through its delegated regulation making powers and supervises the Uchucklesaht administration through its executive oversight role. To obtain the information necessary for their executive overnight and information sharing with Council, members of the Executive need to communicate with the administration. However, the Executive is not authorized to become involved in the day-to-day operations of the administration.

The Uchucklesaht Executive Branch currently is:

  1. Chief Councilor Charlie Cootes, Chief Executive and Executive of Economic Development
  2. Executive Member Secretary Treasurer Clifford Charles
  3. Executive Member of Lands and Natural Resources Wilfred Cootes Jr.
  4. Executive Member of Human Services Thomas Rush
Tribe Executive Structure

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